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Customizing Your Handgun with Rowland Conversion Kits


For firearm enthusiasts and professionals, handgun customization is a key area for exploration. Who wouldn’t want a handheld piece that mirrors their taste for precision and power? When talking about gun conversions, the name that rings familiar in every shooter’s mind is Rowland Conversion Kits.

Understanding Handgun Customization

Handgun customization refers to altering or enhancing a handgun’s features to improve its performance, functionality, and appearance. The transformation can be simple, like changing the handgun’s grip, or technical, such as altering its firing capability. It highlights the gun owner’s creativity and love for unique, personalized armament.


The Role of Rowland Conversion Kits in Customization

Customizing handguns may seem like a luxury to some, but for many, it’s a necessity. It’s about pushing your handgun’s capabilities to the next level. From increasing its power, refining its precision, modifying its appearance, or simply making it a safer armament, customization serves multiple purposes.

Rowland Conversion Kits offer gun enthusiasts an opportunity to transform their standard handguns into more powerful, versatile, and personalized weaponry. Whether you’re a professional shooter or a beginner embracing the shooting world, understanding the role of conversion kits is a must-have knowledge.

Different Types of Rowland Conversion Kits

The three main types of Rowland Conversion Kits include The .460 Rowland Conversion Kit, The 1911 Conversion Kit, and The Glock Conversion Kit.

The .460 Rowland Conversion Kit

This kit stands out due to its sheer power. It allows a standard handgun to fire a much higher-powered round without substantial modification. This results in a firearm with the power of a magnum revolver but with the size and portability of a semi-automatic pistol. The added power does not affect the performance negatively; instead, it provides a unique recoil management system, which helps in faster and more accurate shooting.

The 1911 Conversion Kit

The Rowland 1911 Conversion Kit enables your classic 1911 firearms to achieve unparalleled power and performance. This kit allows your 1911 handgun to fire .460 Rowland rounds, which provides the shooter with higher accuracy and better recoil management compared to the standard .45 ACP rounds. Incorporating the kit is relatively simple, transforming your 1911 into a powerhouse.

The Glock Conversion Kit

Designed for modern, polymer-framed Glocks, this kit matches the power of the .460 Rowland round without compromise. With a simple setup process, it allows your Glock pistol to achieve increased range, improved accuracy, and a better recoil reduction system. Whether you’re a professional shooter or just a Glock lover, you will find the Glock Conversion Kit a great investment.

Advantages of Using Rowland Conversion Kits

Increased Gun Power

One of the primary advantages of using a Rowland Conversion Kit is the significant increase in gun power. These kits offer a way to enhance the firepower of your handgun, making it function more effectively and efficiently. Whether for self-defense, competitive shooting, or recreational purposes, a high-powered handgun resulting from gun conversions will surely give you a performance edge.

gun conversions


Another compelling reason to consider using Rowland Conversion Kits is their cost-effectiveness. Instead of purchasing an entirely new high-powered gun, you can simply modify your existing weapon with a conversion kit. This not only saves money but also allows you to personalize and customize a familiar, comfortable firearm.


Last but certainly not least, Rowland Conversion Kits offer exceptional versatility. These kits enable the handgun owner to convert their firearm to use different types of ammunition. In other words, instead of being confined to one type of ammo, your gun can be modified to use various calibers, adding flexibility to your shooting experience.

Rowland Conversion Kits are multi-dimensional. From increased gun power and cost-effectiveness to versatility, they offer firearm enthusiasts a practical, affordable, and flexible path to personalizing and maximizing their handgun’s capabilities.

Why Choose Rowland Conversion Kits?

Customizing your handgun is more than just giving it aesthetic modification. With gun conversions, particularly Rowland Conversion Kits, you get to enhance the overall functionalities of your handgun.

From improved caliber conversion to better recoil management and increased stopping power, these kits provide a window to maximize your firearm-specific needs. They also add an additional layer of safety, letting you confidently handle your weapon in every situation.

The enhanced customization, increased performance, and better safety justify the investment. Hence, investing in a Rowland Conversion Kit is a step towards customizability, performance increase, and safety expansion.

Final Tips

As a parting note, it is vital to remember that while customizing with Rowland Conversion Kits can upgrade your handgun significantly, it’s essential to ensure that the kit specifications align with your particular make and model of firearm. Additionally, don’t forget to check and ensure the legality of these changes in your local area to avoid potential legal disputes. After all, the joy of gun ownership lies not only in its operation but also in maintaining and customizing your possession to fit your requirements and preferences best.


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