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The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Updated)

To be successful on social media requires time and patience. Most of all, it requires followers. Spending time to create high-quality content without a huge following on top social media platforms such as Instagram would be a waste of time and energy.

Acquiring Instagram followers is a difficult process that requires time, hard work, and patience. There are several ways to grow an Instagram following organically, but at times, a little assistance is necessary to begin the journey to achieving success.

The 5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Updated)

Buying Instagram followers is a reliable way of getting the recognition a business needs because the system’s algorithms only award large audiences to accounts that are already popular. Purchasing real IG followers with real accounts on the app shows the algorithms the growth they need to see to give an account’s content more visibility.

It only requires a few dollars and a very short timeframe to build a huge Instagram following. Countless websites offer to sell Instagram followers, however, so choosing one can be a problem. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best sites to buy Instagram followers.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers – Recently Updated


Twicsy is a highly rated and reputable service where you can buy real Instagram followers. This site has numerous positive reviews on Trustpilot and has received a 5/5 rating. It is also recommended by top media outlets like US Weekly, AMNY, DelcoTimes, 303Mag, Digital Trends, and Men’s Journal.

5 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

The Twicsy platform is a reliable source of bulk premium Instagram followers. Working with Twicsy gives customers the confidence that comes from knowing they’ll be receiving high-quality, real followers that will boost their exposure and popularity on Instagram. Once an order is placed with Twicsy, it takes just a minute or two to start seeing the interactions arriving, and not much longer to see positive results.

There are eight different sizes of follower packages available, so there’s a perfect choice for every size of account. Twicsy also offers more powerful “active” followers who can boost exposure and organic growth even more.

Another great feature of Twicsy is their support team, which is available 24/7. Individuals and companies can reach out to them with questions about how the service works or which package they should order, for assistance with the rare delivery issue, or to have custom orders created for them.

Payments are fully protected with secure servers and encryption, debit and credit cards are accepted, and PayPal will be added as a payment method in the near future. Twicsy also sells Instagram likes and views, making them a full-service provider that’s relied upon by thousands of influencers and businesses.

Buy Instagram Followers from Twicsy here


Buzzoid is another reliable Instagram follower service because they can deliver real and high-quality followers at competitive prices. To confirm their reputation, they have been mentioned in the US Magazine, Delco Times, and Men’s Journal.

Packages are available from 100 real followers all the way up to 20,000 genuine IG followers. Upgrades to premium followers that carry more weight with Instagram’s algorithms are available for a small extra fee.


The process of buying from Buzzoid is easy. Clients only need to select a package, enter their details, make their payment, and then see the magic happen. Buzzoid will never ask for the client’s private information; all they need is the customer’s username and email address, never their password.

Buzzoid’s followers are available for affordable prices, never higher than and often lower than those charged by other high-end service providers. They also have a great support team, which is available 24/7 and ready to offer assistance to new customers.

Buzzoid also offers reasonably-priced packages of Instagram likes and views, which can bring more engagement to posts and accelerate the account’s organic growth. Delivery of all Buzzoid engagements is immediate, and the impact of the new followers is usually seen in 24 hours.

This provider has a long history of providing strong Instagram growth, and tens of thousands of repeat customers who swear by their service.

Buy Instagram followers from Buzzoid here


Rushmax hasn’t been in business quite as long as Twicsy and Buzzoid, but their IG follower service is comparable to those two giants of the industry. Rushmax can provide as many as 20,000 real, high-quality followers in just minutes, but is just as happy to provide smaller accounts with packages of 100 or 250 followers to get them started. Their packages are all affordable and suited to any budget.

Just as with our top two services, Rushmax can upgrade your order and deliver higher-powered premium followers that accelerate Instagram growth for a small upgrade fee. Those premium engagements are delivered just as quickly as standard real followers, they just supercharge account growth.

The customer experience on the Rushmax website is perfect, with clients able to select a package, order, pay, and begin receiving followers in just a few minutes. All data is fully protected, so there’s never any worry about hackers getting hold of your personal information. Customer support reps work day and night to help clients and potential clients with any questions or problems they may have, and to craft custom orders for Instagram followers, likes, and video views.

Rushmax’s growth has been almost as fast and strong as the account growth they deliver.

Buy Instagram Followers from Rushmax here


InstaPort is another top platform where you can purchase high-quality, real Instagram followers. This is because of their ability to deliver follows from legitimate IG users with very fast delivery and to the client’s satisfaction.

InstaPort’s follower packages are reasonably priced and available for all levels of Instagram accounts, from 100 real followers for brand new accounts, up to 20,000 authentic followers that can help influencers build their fan base even further and send their posts viral.

Delivery is lightning-fast when you buy from InstaPort, with your first followers arriving almost as soon as you complete your payment in the system. They also have a caring and experienced support team which is available 24/7 to respond to all questions, problems and requests.

InstaPort’s results are impressive, boosting Instagram accounts’ popularity and influence within days of follower delivery. They may be ranked below three other services, but their devoted customers say they’re just as good as the top three.


This newer service makes our list because they always deliver real Instagram followers and never use bots or tricks to create fake followers. Their delivery is prompt and reliable, and their prices are often slightly lower than other trustworthy Instagram service providers.

There are reasons why they rank below the other providers we’ve reviewed, however. They can only deliver a maximum of 10,000 real followers at a time, and the quality of those followers isn’t always as impressive as those delivered by providers like Twicsy and Buzzoid. That means, of course, that their results are often less impressive, too.

Even so, MaxSocialImpact does create organic growth for customers purchasing their real IG followers, which puts them far ahead of most of the scammy vendors you’ll find selling fake followers on the web. They’re not a bad choice as a backup provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to buy real Instagram followers?

They’re the only ones that will do the job. Fake followers created by bots don’t provide any benefits, since Instagram’s algorithms recognize them and remove them quickly. Even worse, users who add fake followers to their accounts are often penalized or banned for violating the system’s rules. By contrast, real followers with real accounts, like the ones delivered by the services we’ve reviewed, signal the algorithms that an account is growing in popularity and deserves a larger audience. Those new viewers can see the account’s content for the first time and decide to hit the follow button on their own. That’s how real followers create true organic account growth.

Can buying Instagram followers result in a ban?

Yes, if you purchase fake followers you could have your account deleted. It’s crucial to make sure that a provider only sells real followers before pulling out your credit card; that’s how to ensure your account’s safety.

Should I buy Instagram likes and views, too?

It’s a good idea since those interactions will boost your account’s engagement rate and contribute to even greater organic growth. Most influencers suggest, though, that you wait until your followers start working to grow your account before adding likes and video views to the mix.


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